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AnnaFAnna Fastenko, CCH practices Classical Homeopathy since 2005. She offers consultations in English and Russian language. After graduating from a three year program at the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy... Read More...


Vaccinated and non-vaccinated children, and where I stand on the issue of vaccinations

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Since the California vaccination bill SB267 has been proposed and then passed in June 2015, discussions of pros and cons of vaccinations are hotter than ever. Understandably, all parents feel a heightened sense of responsibility for their child’s wellbeing, and I have always supported parents who make educated choices regarding their kids health. Regardless of the position or side they are on, we were working together towards making their son or daughter healthier and more balanced than before. Read More


Child Development

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Homeopathy is a very reliable ally in raising healthy kids. It is the safest, … Read More

Women’s Health

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Addressing the totality of symptoms at every given stage of hormonal, … Read More

Stress and Emotions

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Homeopathy is known to be an effective method of curing various chronic physical … Read More