Meet Anna

AnnaFAnna Fastenko, CCH practices Classical Homeopathy since 2005. She offers consultations in English and Russian language. After graduating from a three year program at the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy... Read More...


Learn how to use homeopathic remedies yourself – join a study course 2016/17

If you prefer to use natural ways of treatment for common every day ailments and like to be in control of what’s happening with your own health and health of your loved ones, please come and join our monthly study group on the home use of homeopathic remedies in treatment of simple acute conditions. Remedies are safe to give to people of all ages including babies and pregnant women. You will learn to choose correct remedies for your situation, how much and how frequently to give the remedy, and and how to understand the healing process. Read More


Child Development

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Homeopathy is a very reliable ally in raising healthy kids. It is the safest, … Read More

Women’s Health

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Addressing the totality of symptoms at every given stage of hormonal, … Read More

Stress and Emotions

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Homeopathy is known to be an effective method of curing various chronic physical … Read More