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Helping people with cancer for over a decade, I’ve come across many valuable resources that can be used at any point in the treatment process, in a steady remission after a successful surgery, or in later stages of the disease. Here are some books and places worth checking out:

A great inspirational book full of statistics in homeopathic cancer treatments in India, where homeopathy is part of the office health care system, and the number of cases seen by homeopaths proves a valid and reliable data for the most skeptical reader: A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer by Dr. A.U.Ramakrishnan and Catherine Coulter.

The newest most complete book by a French homeopath Jean Lionel Bagot  “Cancer&Homeopathy” lists most common remedies used after chemo and radiation therapy and proves to be an invaluable resource in battling side effects of cancer treatments. 

Living Strong Living well – an excellent free Health Improvement and fitness program for cancer survivors run at the local San Jose to mid Peninsula YMCAs: .

Cancer CAREpoint – a comprehensive center where you can meet one-on-one for free private consultations, attend educational programs, yoga and nutrition classes, receive therapies, and find more information about cancer, treatments and side effects, prevention and support groups. Located in San Jose/Los Gatos near the Good Samaritan Hospital.