For Parents of Vaccinated and not Vaccinated children

syringe smallerSince the California vaccination bill SB267 has been proposed and then passed in June 2015, discussions of pros and cons of vaccinations are hotter than ever. Understandably, all parents feel a heightened sense of responsibility for their child’s wellbeing, and I have always supported parents who make educated choices regarding their kids health. Regardless of the position or side they are on, we were working together towards making their son or daughter healthier and more balanced than before.

For some people the choice to vaccinate or not is more obvious than for others, but there is a certain proportion of families where parents have noticed an obvious change in their child’s health a few months after a vaccination, and there are people who aside from extensive reading want to practically do something to prevent a possibility of such an outcome. This is where homeopathy has always stepped in and offered both prevention and treatment of conditions related to a vaccination (vaccinosis as an etiology). And I am always there for my pro-vac and no-vac clients with the remedies and information THEY NEED to ensure that their child thrives.