Women’s Health

Addressing the totality of symptoms at every given stage of hormonal, psychological, and general state of a woman, homeopathic treatment can help improve all areas at once (hence being a very effective aid for PMS).

Young girls seek treatment when puberty and hormones are out of sync and result in a number of secondary physical complaints, or simply for painful periods and mood swings. Later in life homeopathy can assist women with difficulties in conception, during pregnancy and after birth. By treating both parents prior to conception of a child, a homeopath insures that the baby will be born healthy and free of inherited diseases.

Homeopathy is extremely beneficial for women during menopause. A number of well proven remedies are able to help women pass through this transition with relative ease. As the  healing process is initiated, symptoms such as hot flashes, insomnia, lack of energy, weepiness, and anxiety begin to gradually disappear in such a subtle fashion that the person is unaware of how they passed. The homeopathic healing art is invaluable in dealing with natural processes of aging, as it can reverse or slow down arthritis, vascular disorders, neurological syndromes, cyst and tumor formation, etc.