Here is what Anna’s clients are saying about their experiences (sorted by condition):

Eczema, sleep issues (3 year old) The skin has dramatically improved, almost back to normal. Scratching still continues, but definitely not as bad as before.
Sleeping, some days are better some days are worse, but overall he has improved when he co-sleeps with me.
Speech, he also speaks a lot more these days, both English and Russian :), so there is progress in that area too.

Tatyana B., San Jose

Eczema  We saw Anna for treatment for my son’s eczema.  He had very bad eczema since he was 6 months old.  He is now 3yrs old.   We saw a dermatologist, tried several steroid creams, colloidal eczema bath treatments, all sorts of moisturizers known to soothe eczema and even coconut oil.  But nothing seemed to work for him.  Anna came highly recommended from other parents I have known, so I decided to seek treatment from her.  I have to say its one of the best decisions I have made.  Under Anna’s treatment my son’s eczema is practically gone.  She is very thorough with her treatment plan.  She listens, understands, cares and develops a personalized treatment plan. She always followed up to make sure we were seeing improvement in his condition.  We are so grateful to have found her.  I highly recommend BayHomeopathy to anyone seeking homeopathic treatment.

Shafaq P., Cupertino

Frequent Colds, Constipation  Anna is a wonderful homeopathic practitioner! She is very intelligent, caring, professional and patient. She has already successfully treated both of my daughters, myself and my grandfather. She is incredibly responsive and intuitive. Anna is my absolutely go to person for any questions regarding treatment of my toddler daughters. So many issues could be solved with homeopathic remedies that gently support and improve our immune system and general health. I have been recommending Anna to all of my friends and all of them have been absolutely thrilled with Anna. Calling her was one of the best decisions I made for health and well being of my children.

 Marina V., Palo Alto

Rheumatoid arthritis, herpes  I thank God and Anna for healing my rheumatoid arthritis. Every step I had taken was painful, hands and feet remained stiff all day long. I was taking 6 Aleve tablets a day and had to increase the dose every month. After the first dose of a homeopathic remedy I woke up happy and full of energy, like in my early childhood. In less than 2 weeks I discarded all the pills. Now I have very little free time every day as I am constantly busy doing things I couldn’t do for a long time. Recently she has helped me with a very painful bout of ophthalmic herpes, the pain was gone in less than one day.

Acne, insecurity  I recommend Anna as a highly skilled homeopath and a very kind, caring, and compassionate person. Later I brought my older daughter in for a consultation. She needed help with typical teenage issues – acne, dryness of hair and skin, insecurity. Within the first week my daughter changed dramatically, she became more self-confident, less fearful of her performance, started to play a different role in the family, and her dandruff and skin improved too.

Olga Artemova, San Jose

Anger, aggression, nightmares After the remedy, my son is doing really good. The best I’ve see him in a long time. He has more self control and is acting just like a normal kid. He got a little off a few times, but wasn’t so bad.

Jeanne Ch., San Jose

Tiredness, low energy  She is very professional and knowledgeable! I was referred to Anna because I did not have any energy to get up in the morning, and remained tired all the time. In less than 3 months, I got my life back. A million Thanks to Anna!! I do strongly recommend her health care !

Myriam Brenes, San jose

Grief, anxiety, sleep problems  Anna is my homeopath for over 4 years. Her expertise has helped me go through a difficult time in my life. Under her homeopathic care, I don’t need to see my medical doctor any more, only for lab tests. Anna’s patience and compassion are the most precious things that are often missing in our life now. I highly recommend her as a healer.

Sui Fan Judy Ko, Santa Clara 

Joint pain, stress, worries  Anna consults me since May 2009. I can say definitely, “IT WORKS!!!”.
My joints, which is my biggest problem, are better.
Another important thing is my mood: I feel much more calm, confident, relaxed.
Anna always shares generously her knowledge and experience.
I am sure that with Anna’s help I will get rid of my health problems pretty soon.

Natalya K., Los Gatos, CA

Hepatitis C … my recent Hep C virus test showes that I don’t have it anymore, the viral count dropped from 5000000 (5mln.) to less than 7 (threshold for virus recognition) !!! That was only due to a homeopathic treatment for less than a year.

Z., Sunnyvale, CA

Cancer (stomach) My mother (age 85) was diagnosed with stomach cancer 3 years ago. She started to have problems digesting food, had frequent nausea, and complained of heaviness in her stomach most of the time. Being very discoraged by her diagnoses, she started taking homeopathic remedies regularly about a year ago. To our surprise, a few weeks into the treatment she stopped complaining about anything. Right now she doesn’t have any pain or heaviness, can still eat fairly normally but in smaller amounts, and her nausea is very rare and can be controlled by an increased dose of the remedy. Currently she refuses to get another scan because everything looks better than doctors predicted, and her condition is stable for now.

Susanna H., Santa Clara, CA

Leg pain, varicose veins, thyroid imbalance I came to Anna complaining about pain and heaviness in legs so that each night I had to put them up the wall to relieve aching. I also had a visible enlargement of thyroid gland, and regular migraines. After 3 months of treatment my legs are much lighter, intense aches are gone, and I feel more freedom walking and doing yoga. Surprisingly enough, my thyroid tests are back normal, and migraines seem to be less frequent.

Tatyana Scutelnic, Redwood City

Cancer (rectal) I was diagnosed with stage II rectal cancer and already had had two surgeries when  I decided to give homeopathy a try. Now I don’t have any bleeding, pain, or IBS symptoms I used to have before. I also have better energy and even my sleep got better. At my last appointment my oncologist confirmed that there are no new affected areas, so I am very glad I tried homeopathy instead of other forms of treatment.

Zinaida Gavrilina, New Haven, CT

Exhaustion, nightmares  I had been always skeptical about homeopathy, but when so many doctors in Europe and in the US failed to recognize my symptoms and tried to fix a part, never addressing the whole state I was suffering from, I decided to give it a try. From my first meeting with Anna my opinion about homeopathy changed completely. The discussion was warm and easy, and I felt very comfortable talking to her about myself. For the very first time in many many years I felt so much better! It’s been many months into the treatment now, and I don’t feel discouraged any more – pain and exhaustion are completely gone. Even my nightmares disappeared. I am very grateful to Anna for her professionalism.

Madlen Gafiteanu, San Jose, CA

Ovarian pain (cysts), abuse and trauma Homeopathy is an amazing way to treat any physical or mental imbalance, it brings the whole body into harmony. After many years of suffering from ovarian pain and emotional consequences of childhood trauma, homeopathy has set me completely free of pain and brought peace of mind and emotional stability. Thank you…

Janie Salazar, San Jose, CA

Warts, behavior My son’s wart disappeared in about 3 months. What was very curious, his behavior also improved.

Maria Timatkova, Palo Alto, CA

Hemangioma, low immunity My daughter’s hemangioma on the foot 3cm in diameter faded by 90% in a matter of a few months. We are very pleased, because our doctor said we would have to wait for years for it to go away. Also we noticed that she gets sick less often.

Anna Volkova, Santa Clara, CA

Nausea of pregnancy, surgery recovery I had two positive experiences with homeopathy. During my pregnancy I suffered from the common “all day long” morning sickness. The remedy cured it within two days. My symptoms returned a few days after I stopped taking the remedy. My second experience was with a remedy Arnica. I took it after a dental surgery which in the past had left me sore and swolen for days. This time I forgot about the surgery the day after it and went to my martial arts class without a trace of any discomfort.

Ayelet Lorberbaum, Los Altos, CA