12 Homeopathic Cell Salts: easy to use and invaluable for body tissues.

Let’s have an in-depth look into 12 Schussler tissue salts that are as great in acute conditions as they are perfect to use for those overwhelmed with the wider range of homeopathic remedies. If taken wisely and over a longer period of time, these mineral remedies ensure longevity and organ health. Bone density, joint and nerve pains, flabby muscles and veins, high blood pressure, PMS cramps, and chronic skin issues are just sample ailments that can be addressed with these remedies.
I will be offering this 75-minute workshop on May 5th at the Women’s Healing Conference 2018 in Hidden Villa, Los Altos. I love this unique gathering of like minded women who all value harmony, love, intuition, and true connection between nature and Self, and it is always an honor and a pleasure to be invited as a teacher there.